Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Nude Models That Make People's Day Are #1 In My Book!

As I work on editing photos from a group photo shoot to Lake Powell (Arizona/Utah), I thought first I should jot down the tale of how two young ladies were the talk of a lonely, scenic road in the middle of a desolate Utah desert.

On our way from the Denver area through Utah, myself, Lorayne, and Skyler stopped off at Natural Bridges National Monument. There we saw a cute little red VW bus with hippie stickers and license plates in all their glory. The girls wanted to get nude photos next to the bus, but the road was too populated and the owners didn't seem to be around, so we moved on and eventually left the park.

We traveled south along the scenic route and came upon the Valley of the Gods--an amazing cliff overlooking the valley and road 1,000 feet below. We shot for a bit on top of the mesa, then got on the switchback-laden road to work our way down the cliff. At the first pull-out, we all got out of the car to admire the view. There were a few motorcyclists there that seemed to be getting ready to leave. Seconds later, we look up the dirt road we had just come down, and who's coming? None other than the red VW bus! The girls immediately got excited and insisted that if the bus stopped at the pull-out, they would ask to pose nude, onlookers be damned.

Sure enough, the bus pulled over and as the owners got out, the girls walked over to them and bluntly said, "Hi, we're nude models and we were wondering if we could take pictures with your bus?" A double-take ensued from one of the bus' owners, Steve, followed by, "Is this a joke?" and wondering if there was a hidden camera around. He turned to his wife Wendi, who is a photographer herself, and they immediately obliged.

The girls quickly asked everyone else there (the bikers and another young couple) if they minded (and asked that they not call the police) while they stripped nude and started posing next to the bus. It wasn't soon after I fired off 3 photos that everyone else there started asking if they could also pose with the girls in front of the bus (which was affectionately named Pumper).


It turns out that Steve and Wendi are from Canada and traveling the U.S. southwest right now, with more adventures ahead with Pumper. As the excitement died down and the girls got dressed before the next batch of cars came by, we all exchanged information. Steve and Wendi have a great blog here where they describe the nude encounter in their May 14, 2012 post. Check them out!


  1. This was a great story! What a fun shoot this must have been. :)

  2. This is great. I'm happy it worked out for you, your models, and everyone else.